Internet darling Jenny Bernheim has amassed a serious online following since launching her blog, Margo & Me, full time in 2014 and it is easy to see why. The LA-based fashion Francophile and lifestyle blogger thrives on exploring her stylistic cravings: an uber feminine, ever evolving mix of sophisticated, playful and chic. Jenny is a young professional who truly aims to inspire the every day woman with elevated yet approachable style.

“After we chose French blue as our wedding color, I started to wonder if that meant my girls would have to wear French blue too. While I loved it as an accent color, I just wasn’t sold on the idea of having all of my girls dressed in it. I wanted each of their looks to feel soft and delicate, and personal! Each of my bridesmaids are unique, and expressing this through their dresses was a natural choice for us all. It was very important for me to feel like each of my bridesmaids were 100% happy with their dresses. When you have seven girls choosing, things can get a little messy. I worked with each of them to choose between a few options so that everyone was excited about their look and I would definitely encourage you to do the same if you are going the mix and match route. I really enjoyed the process of working with my friends and sisters to discover each of their looks. I wanted them to feel just as happy about what they were wearing as I was about my wedding dress. While a uniformed bridesmaid look has been a standing tradition for many years in the bridal world, I would encourage you to think outside of the box to create something that is special and memorable for you on your day.” (Read the full story here)

Jenny was wearing a beautiful textured lilac dress by Elliatt (shop here) when she made her trip to the Beverly Hills BHLDN store. The dress is so stunning and it has the most beautiful lilac colour which blends into the whole atmosphere as you can see in the photos below.

We truly hope this inspires you or your friends during their engagement!

Happy hump day xx



Book of Deer Rainbow Dress

Book of Deer Rainbow Dress