Little Bairn

Little Bairn Organic Sleepy Time Nursery Spray

SKU: LB-0009

Hello sweet, sweet sleep! Send your little angel into a sweet lullaby with this soothing blend of lavender and roman chamomile. Gently mist nursery and bedding and let the natural, soothing scent send baby towards the land of nod. Gentle enough to be sprayed directly onto the skin, this mist may also be used to clean and deoderise smelly bottoms. A perfectly healthy alternative to disposable wet wipes. Other uses: - Use as a cleansing spray at nappy change time. - For you mama, use as a hydrating face mist to help de-stress. - Spray car seats, playmats and toys to help eliminate odours. Australian Certified Organic for total peace of mind. Made in Australia.

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