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Little Bairn Natural Baby Powder 120G

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A talc-free powder that will leave baby’s bottom dry and free from irritation. Australian white clay and organic chamomile powder work together to absorb excess moisture and soothe inflamed skin.

Kaolin white clay has been used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years for sacred healing. It has a silky texture and the ability to remove toxins from the body.

Apply to skin folds and nappy area as often as needed to prevent chafing and nappy rash. A hint of lavender and mandarin will leave your baby smelling fresh and sweet.

To Use:

Apply to skin folds and nappy area as often as needed to prevent chafing and nappy rash.

Other uses: 
- For mum, use to prevent chafing between the thighs and breasts, especially during pregnancy. 
- For mum, use as a dry shampoo. Kaolin clay works to detoxify hair and restore moisture.


Kaolin white Australian clay, *chamomile powder, *lavender french oil, *mandarin red oil
*certified organic ingredients
Kaolin white Australian clay - An incredibly gentle clay that removes excess moisture from the skin without over drying. It also has the ability to calm red skin and stimulate circulation, promoting healing.
Chamomile Power - A fine powder produced from dry chamomile flowers. Chamomile is known for its ability to promote cell regeneration, making it a perfect treatment for inflamed skin.

Made in Australia.
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